“Eighty-four percent of workers feel stress on the job. Globally, three out of five doctor visits are for stress.”

We’re changing the face of corporate America. (And the neck, back, and shoulders, too.)

High stress levels and soaring health care costs are taking their toll on employees and their companies. We all know that unchecked stress – both mental and physical – causes countless health problems. Treating employees with massage decreases muscle tensions and stress points, and prevents the development of serious injuries. Corporate Soul’s on-site chair massage program lowers the number of workers compensation claims and last resort surgeries. Added benefits include increased energy levels and concentration, decreased absenteeism, and enhanced well-being.

Here’s why we stand apart in chair massage therapy.

We’re headquartered in Healdsburg, California, but we serve clients throughout North America and beyond. Why have so many companies turned to Corporate Soul? Since 1996, we’ve offered a turn-key health care solution: We’ve adapted traditional massage into an office-appropriate, customized on-site massage therapy program that saves time, money, and backs. We’re known for our exceptional therapists, attention to detail, fair pricing structure, streamlined procedures, and the absolute highest standards.

Corporate Soul massage programs help every industry, from high tech to manufacturing – including insurance, government, medical, and finance, to name a few.

Here’s our backstory.

In 1995, Michele Boudreaux was a successful sales professional with 20 years of experience behind her…and a life-changing car accident right ahead of her. The accident forced Michele to slow down to recuperate. For the first time, she recognized how much stress had driven her career. She realized that this was true for most professionals, and that there must be a better way. She wanted to make a difference. But she wasn’t sure how.

Part of her rehabilitation included massage. The therapy had such a positive result, Michele decided to attend massage therapy school. As much as she enjoyed the idea of being a therapist, Michele’s first love was the corporate world. And then one day, she read something by David Whyte that helped the pieces fall into place, and Corporate Soul was born.

What’s in a name?

Poet and corporate consultant David Whyte described the need for bringing the passions of our heart and home into the workplace – that we need not be one person at home and another at work. This “soulfulness” is the unique inspiration of each employee and manager, energizing the most progressive and successful companies.

By offering on-site chair massage therapy to manage and relieve stress and pain, Corporate Soul frees up those unique qualities of each individual, empowering them to contribute to their full potential – both at work and at home.

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