“More and more companies offer massage therapy not only as a perk, but also to increase their employees’ productivity and morale. You get immediate results – the employees experience stress reduction and greater satisfaction with their jobs.”

Our chair massage therapy program is the answer you’ve been looking for.

And here are a few more answers to questions you may have about how it all works…

1. What is my company’s role in your on-site chair massage therapy program?

  • Provide a quiet, private room where our therapist can work.

  • Inform employees and management about the program and scheduling.

  • Provide a contact person who will act as a liaison, handling appointment times and sending reminders. The contact person receives an additional complimentary 10-minute massage once a month.

2. Does my company need to provide any massage equipment?

No, Corporate Soul provides everything.

3. Who handles the billing?

Corporate Soul takes care of all the billing and paperwork.

4. Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards for employer-paid programs. For employee-paid arrangements, we accept cash, checks and credit cards.

5. What is the best way to inform employees about the chair massage program?

Corporate Soul provides templates for clients so you can easily create customized promotional flyers. In addition, we recommend that you assign a contact person to send email reminders. (See question #1)

6. There is a lot of talk today about wellness programs in the workplace and high Return on Investment (ROI). Can you explain how Corporate Soul fits into progressive business practices?

Studies show how health conscious, preventative practices, such as on-site chair massage therapy, promote well-being and reduce injuries, medical costs, and insurance premiums for companies and individuals. Improving morale and increased productivity are good for your bottom line. This all adds up to a very high return on investment. To learn more, see Benefits of Massage and Return on Investment.

7. Are your therapists insured?

Yes! Our highly qualified, fully insured massage therapists are among the finest in the field. Each therapist has also received exceptional training and is licensed or certified, according to your state’s regulations.

8. Can Corporate Soul accommodate our regional offices?

Yes, we provide on-site chair massage programs for clients throughout the United States, even in small towns and remote locations.

9. How do we get started?

It’s easy. Contact us by phone 707.431.7779 or Request Information. We’ll do all the work, while you relax and reap the countless benefits – for your company and your valuable employees.